UFO Sighting in Bellingham, Washington on August 1st 2014 – Witnessed bright light suddenly appear in the sky, then begin moving. Disappeared/reappeared several times & seemed to project light beam.

At midnight on July 31st/August 1st, I was leaving my house on the way to band practice. After walking through my back yard to my car, I witnessed a light suddenly appear in the South-East sky straight ahead of me. I was excited to be seeing this, and took out my phone so i could attempt to capture photos or videos, but unfortunately this object ended up being too dim to capture with my phone’s camera. The object hovered in-place for an instant, before beginning a slow, wavering flight path toward the North-West. The object then slowed to a near stop, moved at nearly a 90-degree angle toward the East for a short distance, then changed direction again and continued toward the North-West. About 2-3 seconds later, it quickly faded in brightness until it was no longer visible, so I thought that was it for this sighting. But then about 1-2 seconds after this, it suddenly reappeared a short distance ahead of it’s last visible location, and continued moving overhead and on toward the North-West. Once again, after 2-3 seconds the object quickly faded to invisibility. About a second after I lost sight of it, I saw a beam of light flash in the sky; this light-beam seemed to originate from a short way ahead of where the UFO had been when it vanished from view, and expanded outward toward the West. A second after the light flash occurred, the UFO reappeared at about 50-55 degrees above the horizon to the North-West, and continued moving off toward the North-West horizon. I lost sight of it when it past beyond my house.

I waited a few minutes, but didn’t see anything else, so I left for band practice. When I returned home from band practice, I had a multiple-UFO sighting, and managed to capture the brightest object I witnessed on video. I will be submitting a separate report on this sighting ASAP, and will try to upload the video with it.

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