UFO Sighting in Bremen, Indiana on August 2nd 2014 – I observed a bright glowing sphere like a structered fireball moving from North to Southwest

I was walking with my wife and kids from the gas station to home in downtown Bremen Indiana. We were walking west along Plymouth street. I looked up and noticed a round and fairly good size Orange sphere in the sky moving from north to southwest. It seemed to be lower than plane altitude. There was absolutely no noise eminating from this object. We are use to hearing planes and helicopters in this area as we are in a major flight path for several major airports. I would predict t the object was about the altitude of a helicopter path in full flight. The object moved slower than a plane and smooth and silently. It had an orange glow mixed with a little red. The whole object had a flicker like pulsing to it. I watched the object for approximately 10 minutes. The area we were in is well lit and stars are not easily visible yet this object was very bright and noticeable.

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