UFO Sighting in Fiumicino, Lazio on August 2nd 2014 – shining ball of orange light in sky decended getting dimmer until completely out

my boyfriend and I were outside in our backyard , when I looked in the distance at the sky and saw a shining ball of orange light. at first it looked like a street light but then I realized it was hovering just above above the level of the street lights and was not attached to anything. I studied it for a few seconds on my own then called my boyfriend over to take a look at it. he was taken back as well. after we both were looking at it for maybe 5 seconds it slowly started descending getting smaller as it went down then eventually going out completely. we both said to each other how crazy what we just saw was, and that of course if we ever tried to explain it to people we know they would think we’re on something. but what we saw was unexplainable. not a street light, not a plane.

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