UFO Sighting in Lansdale, Pennsylvania on June 19th 2014 – On 6/19/14 at 10 PM I witnessed a remarkable event in the night sky.

A bright,star-like object that had been visible to me the past 3 years during the summer months decided to relocate. I was outside taking photos of unusual objects for several years and this blue-white object resembling a star was visible during that period of time. It moved just like a common star does in the night sky. Since the sky was clear that evening after being overcast for a few days, I decided to glance up before going to bed. I located the stationary object and, within 30 seconds, it started to move. I ran inside to get my green laser and quickly acquired the object as it was moving north at a slow, steady pace. It dimmed down to a bright pinpoint prior to once again regaining its original intensity. This sequence was observed 6 times before the object was out of sight. When it was stationary for 3 years I had noticed a reddish glow near the top and a blue-green color at the 5 o’clock position intermittently. About 1/2 way through its journey it drew parallel to a small, dim star-like object ( about 2 inches to the right ). As if on cue, this small, stationary unknown began moving, quickly accelerating to the speed of the primary object. The smaller unknown never brightened. Both continued north until they were out of sight. It became obvious that there was a form of intelligence behind this harmonious performance. A large amount of energy would be required to light up the motionless primary “craft” to mimic the star-like image. Additionally, I think this unidentified object was rather large, necessitating a powerful propulsion system. I plan to search my database of images to acquire photos taken of the primary unknown.

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