Fireball flying Object

I didn’t know weather to post this or not. It wasn’t exactly an extraordinary event, but its not something I see every day, this happened about two weeks ago, it was a Saturday night july the 19th probably sometime around eleven fourty five pm. I was driving home from a friends house in central southern Kentucky when I see as I’m coming over a hill a really strikingly orange fire color rising above the tree line. To me at first I thought it was a Chinese lantern but even while driving I could see it was moving around in a very strange way. It was kind of traveling a west direction, but it looked like it was having trouble staying in the air. Almost if you can imagine some sort of anti gravity thing that was shorting out, like a fall and it would catch itself and countinue westward.

I could see all of this from the road as I was driving home, but I became curious enough to stop, so I went down the road till I found a gravel road to turn off on and I stopped and got out of my car to get a good look at this thing. It was a pretty clear night and I could see it pretty good, to me it looked exactly like a floating ball of fire, I know that sounds silly but I could clearly see what looked like the individual flames within it burning. about this time, much to my amazement another fire ball of the same type come into view from the same direction the first one came. The second one was much faster and was flying a straight path westward.

I sadly had left my phone at home and do not have pictures of this event. But really, how often does a low resolution phone camera do anything justice anyway. I did a google search on fire ufo, and found something that looks pretty close to what I saw, so I will post that pic. Here. What I thought was funny was that this pic was titled south African fireball ufo, but it was a group of two identical things that looked almost exactly like what I saw.

almost exactly like what i saw
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