UFO Sighting in Chico, California on June 1st 1994 – Extremely Large UFO blocking the out the whole sky.

This report is forcing me to give information that I do not have in order to submit, I do not know a shape or any details not the date or time.

Back in the 1990’s I don’t remember the year or month or day I received a strange call from My Daughter in Chico CA. she said, “did you see the UFO?” I said, “what UFO?” she said, “it was huge, it blocked the whole sun, we all went outside (this included a total of 6 people) we all saw it!”

Now my daughter has no interest in UFO’s and no belief nor interest in any unusual phenomena so this was a very strange call, but stranger still is that I who am very interested, do not remember asking any further questions at all. I remember expecting it to be in the Chico news paper and it not showing up, but then I forgot…clearly a strange thing to forget for many years. I was living approx 30 mins away in the Oroville CA area.

Then one day suddenly it just came into my head, so I called my daughter and reminded her of the call she had made to me and what she had said. She responded that she “kind of remember something about a UFO.”

Some weeks later she called me and said she had asked the others who had been there one at a time if they remembered, and she said “it was so strange, they each got a far away look on their faces and said “I kind of remember something about a UFO”, just like her response to me.

I recently found this report by someone else and it made me decide that I should report this also as the thing was also very very large.

“Very big disk in a canyon

chico CA, US

Date of Event 2009-06-15

was seen from hiway 32 east of chico about 20 to 25 miles…saw brights lights truned around and pulled over and walked up a small hill..and could see a disk shaped thing that was flat on top with a dome on the bottom..the top had lights that were as big as a small house all around the outter edge all pointing up..it looked to have something like a run way in the middle of it..you could see what looked like heat waves coming up from it…it was big enough to park 30 to 50…18 wheelers from end to end…was looking right down on top of it..it was in a canon and coved from one side to the other…watched it for 20 mins. or so…was no more than a 100 yards from it…no noise…we left after watching it…after we got home we couldnt reminber why we left…no cars came up or down the down the road while we were there…I am vetinam vet…never seen anything like that on this earth…have never told anybody but friends…people thing your nuts telling them stuff like that…”

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