UFO Sighting in Meridian Charter Township, Michigan on July 31st 2014 – Caught six lights (all the same size and in a straight line) on game camera.

We have a game camera that we put up to observe the deer across the street from our house. My husband brought the disk in on Sunday which contained approximately 120 pictures over a 4 day period. On July 31 at 11:00pm beginning picture number 34, we had three pictures of 6 bright lights, all the same size and in a perfectly straight line, in the air. The lights stayed exactly the same except changed in height. The camera is motion activated and is set to take 3 consecutive shots and then go into a 5 minute timeout. In the next shot after the timeout the lights were no longer visible. We have had this camera up over the last 3 years and have never gotten anything even close to this. There was a deer in the shot which seemed to be running off. The camera faces an old driving range, so there are no roads or buildings that would be in the picture.

Not sure what they are, but thought maybe you could help shed some light (no pun intended) on the situation.

Thank you!

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