Grey aliens. the best aliens since Marvin Martian.

I don’t know why, I’ve always been fascinated with the greys. Even if we discovered extraterrestrial life of some kind tomorrow, I would not be as excited about it if it were not the the greys. My fascination with them particularly is borderline obsessive, I don’t know why.
I know that when I was a child, I actually had to go to therapy for months to get over a crippling fear I had of them. The fear was irrational and literally threw me into panic attacks several times a week. I remember when the fear first came over me. I was looking at a spiderman comic book, as I collected comics in my youth. I had saw that very issue a hundred times. But when I looked at it that time, the spiderman logo on the front of the comic. This intense fear came over me. It was so intense I almost lost it completely.. it was the shape of his head and those huge eyes, it was for some reason the most scary thing I had ever saw, even though I had seen it before so many times. This fear I had of the greys Continued to haunt me into my adult life and only subsided after an event that I really do not wish to talk about.
But I can say in complete honesty. For the last ten years. No face, no eyes. Can frighten me anymore.

Anyway. I was left with a deep fascination of the greys. I wondered what they thought about on an average day wherever they were, if they lived lives outside of what we know. If they had entertainment. In short, my incredible fear turned into an equally deep obsession with finding out that which I do not know.

I’ve, saw one, in person, But. I don’t wish to talk about it, because it doesnt matter, its not a subject I’m willing to defend, people can believe it or not. Its just a thing that happened. To be honest, it was almost like, it came to set me free from my crippling fear.. other then that, I will probably not speak of that situation again.

I have wondered though, ive heard them described as insect like, and even dolphin like, to reptile like. I honestly. Because of the smell. And the way the move around and socialize with each other. I tend to believe they are more like an incredibly evolved Bipedal insect species. That is not to say negative things about them. It’s just. Honestly. If you ever see one, and how they act, and socialize with one another you may come to the same conclusion. Now first of all you need to understand. Just because I did see one personally, and maybe have other experiences. That doesnt mean that I know jack about them. I know little more about them then I did before.
So the fascination continues.

I know people tend not to believe every story they hear. But before I posted this one, I allowed people to get to know me. And know I’m not just some attention seeking crack pot.
And to be honest, this thread started, with me just wanting to talk about greys. I really honestly don’t want to talk about my experience. Not entirely because I feel like I will be punished. But more so because, it felt like they came to me as an act of mercy for my own sanity..
They did me a favor.

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