UFO Sighting in Barryton, Michigan on August 3rd 2014 – white star like object no distinct plane light pattern.

Me and my fiance were outside smoking a cigarette around 10:40 pm. We noticed off the bat a big glowing, white, starlike object coming from the southwest. It didnt have any light pattern resembling a plane. It just pulsated. So it caught our attention. We watched this object, ruling out planes, helicopter, chinese lantern ect… It was phenomenal. Kind of moved in a zig zag pattern then returned to going straight. It pulsated and had absolutely no sound. It had the same elevation as a plane but moved pretty slow. Then, it did the most bizarre thing ever!! It stopped, and then dissapeared in thin air! As if the light simply turned off. Ive seen this once before in the same area.

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