UFO Sighting in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania on August 5th 2014 – Single Silent Bright White Star Like Object Pulsating. Thought Was ISS But Was Not

Arrived home around 12:45am. Spotted in the sky coming over the garage a single bright tear drop shaped object heading WNW to ESE. I immediately dismissed at first as being the ISS or other satellite until my boyfriend took a closer look at it and said he didn’t think it was a satellite. At first to me, it was not flashing or blinking at all. We both got out of the car and observed the bright star like object that didn’t make any noise. We watched it and the entire object seemed to be pulsating a white light as well as being solid white. No noise. No other lights. No apparent structure. I know what helicopters and airplanes look like and even drones. To the best of my knowledge this was NOT a drone. AGain this was one single bright white object. The entire light pulsated a white light all around it. It was completely silent. We watched it fly off to East South East.

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