UFO Sighting in East Providence, Rhode Island on September 14th 2012 – Two hovering objects, one looked like a football, and it spun and had yellow lights, inside I thought I saw humanoid creature. I also saw a white, triangular shape, that also hovered in place, I did not see any occupants. Both flew away after 2-3 minutes

My father and I were watching television, and conversing. I brought up the idea of watching the clouds, we looked out our window for 5-10 minutes. I noticed a couple mysterious objects in the sky, when my father was making himself a pot of coffee. I called him in to look, but he no longer remembers the encounter. The very second I saw the objects, I thought ”They’re ufos!”. Both objects were stationary, but disappeared after some time. After the sighting, I developed feelings of anxiety, and I felt scared, I remember having a headache, but I also think I had a breathing problem shortly after, I felt fine during, and before the sighting. I lost sight when they flew away.

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