UFO Sighting in Flushing, New York on August 3rd 2014 – Aliens in Flushing!!!

I was walking near the chop shops in Flushing, Queens after a Mets game when I heard a distinct buzzing noise. I looked up over the shops to see the outline of a saucer flying above me. It was hard to see at first because it was sooooooooo bright in the daylight (probably some alien camouflage technology) but as soon as it stopped moving I was able to make it out. it was indeed a flying saucer with a distinct dome on the top with windows where figures were peering out. I strategically placed myself inside a dumpster close to the object (I would say within 400 feet) and began to take notes on my handy dandy note pad! After I positioned myself, a beam shot down and 2 figures appeared in its place. They were scaled with antennas. the looked around for about 30 seconds when a subsequent beam shot back down to transport them to the ship. The ship then began to power up and flew away straight over LaGuardia Airport and back into space. I took a rough sketch on my handy dandy note pad (that I would be happy to share). I can be reached day or night. If you need any help or a personal tour of where it happened PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. Unfortunately my cell phone was broken (and still is) so I don’t have pics but I can be reached by email 24/7.

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