UFO Sighting in Hundon, on March 1st 2011 – Driving.Saw above feild.BRIGHT white/blue orb/sphere. 3 1/2 foot(ish).

Driving home with my mother (around March 2011), was about 8pm, so dark, going toward Sudbury on Bures Road ( B1508) / St. Edmonds Hill . Just before ‘Spout Lane’ (on the right) above feild there, saw a BRIGHT BRIGHT 3-31/2 foot wide white/blue sphere, or orb, streak across airspace right to left, I wouldnt say ‘sky’ as not that high. About 100-150 feet off the ground. Lasted 5 seconds (ish). It left a slight trail behind to. It just ‘appeared’ and then ‘disappeared’ is the best way to describe it. It didnt crash, or zip off, it just vanished. My reaction was immense fear, and i started crying uncontrollably. – Not the best when driving a car! Dont know if its important to state that there are large power lines fairly close.

Important to note?…….

( I will file these as separate reports, but also important to note, saw same / similar object again, about a year later (2012) about 2-3 miles away from Bures Road B1508 – NO power lines in that location though.

Also another ,about 2 years later from original incident (2013) walking about 1- 2 miles from the Bures Road incident , also NO power lines near, walked into a 20 foot radius of field that felt ‘electrified’. The strangest thing ive ever experienced, the air was hard to breath as it was vibrating, and my skin felt like it was moving, it was even hard to see as my eyes were vibrating!!!! Very very strange. I have not been back to that location. – Will file these reports separatly, just thought they should maybe taken into consideration).

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