UFO Sighting in Lewisville, Texas on June 28th 2014 – Glowing larger than sun-looking orb, sitting in the northwest sky, like a setting sun

My father and brother were visiting from out of town and had come to visit my brother and I, in the DFW area. We live in separate towns in DFW. At about 8pm, we decided to leave my house in Carrollton, Tx and head to Southlake where my brother lives. We took the George Bush Tollway to the west, and made a right turn to enter I35 headed north. At the point of transitioning from west to northwest to merge into northbound I35, my brother remarked (as I was observing the same thing he was), “Hey Dad, do you notice the sun looks bigger here.. because we are further North, where we are closer to the sun. Ha ha ha”

In hearing him state, as a joke, what I was observing, I said “that is strange, the “sun” setting is so brightly orange.. and Yes it does appear big.. (10-20 bigger than normal). And that is Northwest (nearly north).. not west. The sun should set way over here, and I pointed to where the sun would set.

I was driving (forgive me)and I grabbed my camera phone to take a picture when we were a vantage point. About a quarter mile up, the highway goes up in the air to transition to hwy 121 headed west. I figured it would only like a minute to get there and take the pic. Since the (sun) was so unusual I wanted to try to get a great pic of it. But when we arrived at that point a couple minutes later, it was completely gone. In my estimation the sun would not have set that quickly based on where it was a couple minutes prior.

My sister and wife were in another car, and later my sister said she had seen the sun set also and it was oddly large and orange. (she was referring to the same thing)

I have lived in my house 26 years and I know precisely where the sun is setting. I take picture frequently to post to Instagram and love sunset photos. I am always in mind of where the sun sets. AND it does not set there.

The bottomline is.. It was slightly larger than what the sun appears, at the distance I saw it. If i were to estimate the distance from me at I35/121 interchange, it would have been a mile to 3 miles. It was an usually bright glowing orange orb hovering. I did not see it appear, we just saw it when it was there. We did not see it leave, it just wasnt there when I was higher on the highway to see it. And while it could have been the setting sun.. I havent ever seen the sun set in the north northwest area.. and it was larger.. and it didnt have the feel the sun creates as it sets.

I have been curious about this, and posted it on Yahoo Answers.. but really just wondered if someone knew a real reason for what this might be.

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