UFO Sighting in Martinez, California on January 26th 2014 – Low flying/ hovering dull gray ‘airplane’ with than without wings and directional change.

1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
I was riding the train which was traveling next to some dry fields at the time I saw the air craft, it was about 11am. I was just looking out of the train window.

2. What made you first notice the object?
I saw the air craft because it was low over the trees tops and started to move. So my attention was drawn by its movement.

3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
I thought that I was looking at a small or midsized airplane or jet.

4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail.
The air craft looked dull gray and like a normal airplane, it reminded me of a classic type military airplane but without wings. So the body of the craft was airplane shaped with a tail, body and front end. When I first saw the craft it was traveling or facing in the opposite direction as the train I was riding in, so the craft and train were parallel to each other at first. I think that the craft was moving, but then it turned towards the train like an airplane would with its top side facing me. However, what was odd was that the craft was very low, over the tree tops, and its ���wings���, at this time it seem to have them, were very reflective. The wings were reflective like sunlight off of chrome, but the rest of the body was a dull gray. So the craft made a rather sharp turn low to the ground and started to fly in the same direction that the train was traveling in. The craft was flying about the same speed as the train for a minute than it went a bit faster and I lost sight of it.

However, after a few minutes I saw the craft again but this time it was closer to the train, facing the opposite direction and hovering or stationary in the air about 200 feet off of the ground. I did not see any wobble or movement from the craft, it was just sitting there in the air. I did not see wings on the craft but there was a missing section like half of a square missing from the top of the craft where the wings might have been, had I saw them. I don���t think that this craft was a different craft because I saw it only just after a minute of losing sight of it the first time. I don���t think that this craft was a helicopter because it did not have the tail blades and it did not have the top blades and it did not kick up any dust when it was hovering over the ground. I did not see the craft propped up by anything either. Also, the craft was over a dry farm field so I don���t think that it was a sculptor of any kind.

As I was on the train, I did not hear any sound from the craft. I did not hear any sound when it was flying may be 1,000 feet from the train, certainly not a jet engine sound. And I did not hear any sound when it was hovering.

5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
I noticed the craft because it looked out of place and was flying around oddly, not like any airplane I���ve ever seen. I saw an airplane at the same time as the craft but the airplane was a jet flying high up in the sky not over the tree tops as this craft was doing. So this craft just looked out of place, but that���s all I ���felt��� from or about the craft. This may have been a normal airplane, but I don���t think that it was and I saw this craft in clear day light.

6. How did you lose sight of the object?
The first time I lost sight of the craft was when it traveled faster than the train and passed my window and field of view. The second time I lost sight was after the train passed the craft, and the craft being stationary left my sight.

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