UFO Sighting in Sderot, on February 8th 2014 – The object was observeds,near Havat Shikmim (ArikSharon farm)

I have made some sample photos in south of the Israel,near “Havat Shikmim farm” (Arik Sharon farm),where I came to capture the blooming poppies, near the grave of Arik Sharon and his wife, which brings a lot of people in a February month.
At the home I paid attention to strange artefact on my picture that seems like ufo .
In the picture i made before,I saw some birds flying but to another side and far.
This area is restricted for flying and I don’t think that some aircraft was fly in this area.
Please check my picture,possible it is really UFO.
I don’t think that it is some bird,because al birds was flew away.
I checked pictures and my lens and sure that no some dust or dirt was on my lens or sensor.
1. Picture one is picture I made seconds before I made picture with UFO
2. Picture two it is appears on the second picture
Thank you,

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