UFO Sighting in Somerville, Tennessee on November 17th 1968 – Day before thanksgiving 1968, three of us on the farm planting wheat witness two ufo's cigar shaped, multicolored lights , lights flashed between the two, they turned upright , one disappered straight out of sight then the other did same. all had time los

The day before thanksgiving in 1968, two field hands and myself saw something that to this day haunts me. I think one of the witness is dead and the other may still live near the county of the sighting. It was a clear blue sky that day and we were planting winter wheat, as I would make my turn in the field I saw what I thought was a cloud at first until I realized that this cigar shaped cloud was moving. It was about 10 o’clock high in the sky very shiny at first, then it made quick horizontal movement to the west, by the way it was viewed in the southern sky. It came to a stop right in front of us still at the 10 o’clock level, and then multicolored light began to flash back and forth as though their were portals in the object. All of a sudden from the west came another one faster than anything I could imagine right next to the firs one, with the same lights doing the exact same thing. Then the one on the left turn and point upwards and the second one did the same and the lights passed between them , they move three times side by side & stopped. Seemed as though they were pulsesating, then the one on the west side went straight up into the heavens out of sight as fast as you could blink an eye the one left sat there for about 30 seconds and it did the same. this was right after lunch about 1 pm we only had about and hour left in the field, but the strangest thing was it was getting dark and we had not finished the field work. We didn’t ever tale of this again. I move away to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in 1989 and I started having night mares of this event and also was having severe pain in my right side. I went to the Dr. they did a MRI and ask had I ever been shot or had surgery before, NO was my answer and I was told by the tech. that I had a piece of metal in my side. I ended up having a surgery and was told I had a ventricle hernia, but I was still in pain so they did another surgery exploratory, and said my appendix was entwined with my colon . I went back for my six week ck up and the doctor said why are you here. I told him for my follow up, he seemed confused and said yes the hernia, I said no, and explained as to what he had told me and my wife he still seemed confused. I asked about the metal in my body & he quickly changed the subject. to this day I don’t know what happened to the metal object . I still have dreams of the sighting . One night I awoke and took a large piece of paper and some colored pencils and sketched out the view of the sighting, in detail but it got destroyed in Katrina in 05. I will never forget what we saw that day, but will probably never know the answer.

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