Black Triangle Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 16th 2014 – Black delta flew over my house with a contrail, closely followed by 1 f16

I was sitting on my deck watching the night sky, many Ufos were seen through out June and July so I was watiching for them. then I saw what, at first looked like an airliner on fire, flying in the direction of my house. I had stood up and looked closer, by the time it was close enough, I realized it was a massive black delta with two huge engines on the two tips of the rear end of the craft. It had a red strobe light on the bottom center of the craft. An F-16 was following close behind with afterburners. It was not in an aggressive posture and was basically following the thing. As it was directly over me I called my grand mother and she was able to see the last of the sighting ans it flew north east and disappeared from sight. I see many things in the sky, and being an air force bratt I know my civilian and millitary aircraft. This is not of human origin.

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