UFO Sighting in Weymouth, Massachusetts on July 7th 2014 – Spiral UFO @ former Navy Air Base. Changes shape and goes in and out of bldg. ho

Rumors of alien activity at former Navy base. Pictures taken by a friend shows huge spiral ufo in blue sky over over base buildings. Spiral changes shape and reduces its size and appears to land on roof of old navy hospital and church next to it. It eventually leaves the roof area and leaves gaining in size. We went back several times to investigate and took pictures at old hospital. Took a photo of what appears to be an apparition coming out of the old hospital. Took bicycles across base and runways and were followed by men on bikes who were watching us with binoculars. Eventually we were approached by one who appears out of nowhere. He asked some strange questions related to why we were there. We later saw him watching us from a distance with binoculars. I was later visited by a strange black helicopter above my home. It blasted me twice with some kind of device that vibrated my body. It made three passes and I knew that it was sending me a warning. We have continued our investigation and have several pictures of unexplained phenomena . I now recognize vehicles and some individuals who seem to be patrolling the base which is now in civilian ownership. One civilian looking vehicle seen frequently has military dressed persons on board. I have seen men hidden way out on the runways watching any activity with binoculars and others in vehicles that seem to be watching us closely. We are continuing our investigation. I am submitting one remarkable photo of the spiral ufo but we have many.

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