UFO Sighting in Ajax, Ontario on January 5th 2003 – A 'Y' shaped formation of lights – 16 sets flew above my house

On January 5, 2003 at around 11:00 p.m. I was in my bedroom at home preparing for bed. I looked out my window as I usually do every night and I looked up and saw some lights travelling all together in a Y shaped formation. I first thought these may be satellites or fighter jets. I only saw a white/star like light. They were travelling very high on a clear night. 5 lights made up the Y shaped pattern (I have attached a computer drawing of what I saw). The lights were moving all at the same speed and travelling from the southeast to the northwest. After the first 5 lights in a Y shaped formation crossed my house, I saw another one, same formation, same speed. Then another one and another one. At this point I knew these were no satellites or planes. Every so often the set of lights in the Y pattern would be moving slower than the previous one, then another would come by and travel faster. Each set held the same flight path. I saw 16 sets of this Y shaped pattern all with 5 lights to the set. All the lights were a different brightness. The first two lights were bright, the third light was really bright and the 2 lights that made the distinctive Y shaped were a soft glow. By around 11:50 p.m. the 16th set was moving the slowest and then came to a stop above my house at around midnight. I watched the object for an additional 45 minutes to an hour and the lights remained stationary. At this point I had to get up pretty early so I closed my blinds and went to bed.

I grabbed my film camera during the event to try and see if I could photograph it. The object in the sky was so large that I could not get the entire Y shaped formation in my shot, however I was able to take photos of the brightest light. I began taking as many pictures as I can, considering this was film based I could not see the photo until after it was developed so I took as many as possible. Once I got them back only 2 came back, which I have attached

I have put a grey outline box around the brightest light. You’ll notice in both of the photographs there seems to be 2 additional lights in front of the brightest light in the formation, and possibly another one above it. I did not see these additional lights. These photos were taken with the flash on and through my window. I tried to get my window sill in these photos so that the photo could be exposed with more light. You may also notice some streaking from the light(s) the object did not admit a streak this is just the exposure time on the camera. Please note that I still have the original photographs.

I knew the event that I saw wasn’t any satellites or fighter jets or planes. I can see jets flying in formation like that but 16 sets of these over a residential neighbourhood in the 11 pm hour, highly doubt it. It was more curiosity and wondering what this event actual was, it was very strange and nothing that I’ve heard or seen before. I’ve heard of pearl necklace UFO’s so I guess this was similar in style.

I do not know what I saw or if it can be explained, it was down right strange.

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