UFO Sighting in Jerome, Idaho on July 1st 2014 – 3 orange orbs hovering for about 20 seconds then disapperaing only to return minutes later

On July 1st 2014 me and wife along with our two sons (one 18 and other 12) were driving down to Las Vegas from our home up in British Columbia and we stopped in Jerome Idaho and spent the night at the Comfort Inn & Suites. Just before getting to the Hotel we stopped at a fireworks stand as we decided we would light some off later that night to celebrate the beginning of our summer vacation. We went outside at around 9:30 that night and walked around to the back of the hotel so I believe we would have been facing west and there is a big open field which was a perfect spot to light off the fireworks, the skies were mostly clear with the odd cloud. It was not totally dark yet so started by lighting off some of the smaller fireworks, about 5 minutes into this three orange orbs appeared up in the sky in front of us behind a thin cloud, all 3 were the same size and all at the same elevation and they hovered for about 20 seconds before disappearing, my youngest son grabbed my iPhone and tried to get the orbs on video but he was to late. If you watch the first video I have attached called “UFO 1” you will see the conditions that night as well as hear my families reaction to what we had just seen, we knew it something strange and we were all stunned. We continued to light off the rest of the fireworks which were much larger and about a minute after we had finished the 3 orbs reappeared this time further to the south and this time not behind a cloud, my son grabbed my iPhone again and started recording, again they were there for about 20 seconds and then they disappeared. He thought he had all of it on video this time but when went back and looked we were disappointed as only one of the orbs showed up in the video and only for about 2 seconds before disappearing. In the second video I attached called “UFO 2″ you can briefly see the orb in the first two seconds of the video before vanishing, kind of tough to see but we put the video on our 52” TV and you can see in plain as day, also you can once again here my family’s reaction. I also attached a 3rd video called “UFO 3”, not much to see but you can still here us reacting to what we had just witnessed. People have mentioned flares or Chinese lanterns but I don’t believe for a second it was either one, I really believe me and my family witnessed something from out of this world.

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