NEW Search for Crashed Ghost Rockets | VIDEO

Mysterious 'Ghost Rockets' Puzzling to Swedish Army 8-12-1946

Clas Svahn By Clas Svahn

     In a couple of weeks I will lead an expedition to Lake Nammajaure where a Ghost Rocket landed and sank in July 1980. Seen by two excellent witnesses in broad daylight during its flight over them, down to the lake and the landing.

The lake is situated in a remote area within a National park and we will carry all instruments, tents and personal packings through the woods.

This is UFO-Sweden’s second attempt to find the strange ”rocket”. The first search was made in 2012 but now we are returning with better instruments and an expert on ground penetrating radar plus a TV documentary team that has followed me and UFO-Sweden since nearly five years.

Please take a look at our information page: The Ghost Rocket Project

And if you are interested in helping us to make this within our small budget, all contributions are very welcomed.

Thank you!

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