UFO Sighting in Toronto, Alberta on August 9th 2014 – Watching baseball game when camera pans out to view stadium, an extremely fast accent.

I was in my living room watch the Toronto Blue Jays game on television with my husband. At 7:02 pm Alberta time, so it would have been 5:02pm Toronto time on August 9th/14.
2) I myself did not notice it. My husband drew my attention to it.
3) I,at first, thought it was an insect.
4) object appeared in the distance. It’s path was straight up at a velocity I have never seen before.
5) I had been taping the game. So I could see it over and over to verify our first thought of an insect, was incorrect. I was in a state of denial. Then I decided to tape a video of it with the intention of contacting MUFON with the footage. It is attached to this report.
6). It went straight up. As we were not at the game we can not say. This sighting is so quick, literally blink and it’s gone.

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