UFO Sighting in Whitfield, on August 7th 2014 – 5/6 glowing white balls in the shape of a letter c about 100ft off the ground

Was at home watching tv about 9pm it is in front of a window when it/they brilliant white lights came into view from behind the house opposite were there are fields, I ran upstairs and called my son for a better look as I had no idea what I was looking at and wanted him to see also, he was as shocked as I we just couldn’t believe what we were looking at, 5/6 brilliant white glowing balls in the shape of the letter c moving slowly from left to right the balls were pulsating I have never seen lights so bright, after a few moments a tree was obstructing our view ,as the lights looked like they were getting past the obstruction they reversed we just saw them at the outer edge when they seem to have gone in another direction it was then we thought of pictures and got a phone out in case we could see them but we unfortunately didn’t, we were just so stunned and shocked it didn’t occur to us, we are kicking ourselves now.I hoping someone can tell me what we saw.

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