extraterrestrial ufo evidence, proof, fact!!!!! Rant.

I rant from time to time. This is one of those times. :irked:
I hate to be a negative bomb to the cause, I really do. But why do people insist that we have all this evidence and proof when really all we have are personal experiences and beliefs coupled with a deep desire to expose the unknown?
I want proof and evidence and disclosure as much as everyone else. Ive even had experiences myself, but, do I have proof? Do I have evidence? Do I have anything but my own word, to back up my claims? No sadly, i do not.
And all the desire and sky watching and psudo evidence in the world will not cause true evidence to manifest. I wish people would cease calling glow in the dark Frisbees and thrown glow sticks evidence. It hurts the entire cause.

Yet people continue to claim we have all kinds of proof.

Proof, is when you present evidence that can not be denied as genuine. I believe in the cause, I support the cause. But no one has ever proven anything that can not be tried as manufactured evidence.
We the believers do believe. But most people NEED that evidence, and can we blame them? We keep saying we have the proof they seek. But do we really have that evidence? everything ive seen to date as far as videos and pictures and claims, require that someone already be compelled to believe. The problem is not the belief. Its how far we are willing to reach out on a limb to call something evidence, it almost discredits us at times.

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