UFO Sighting in Caledon, Ontario on August 10th 2014 – glowing orange light balls flying in triangle formation

I was letting my dog out to pee and as soon as she got to the screen door at the back of the house she became upset and actually tried to push her way out the screen door before I could open it. (she has NEVER done this before). As soon as I opened the door and looked up I could see three orange glowing balls of light flying in a triangle formation. I screamed for my husband and son to come and see. As they were running to come and see a fourth orangle glowing ball flew in towards the three in formation but did not join them. The formation continued flying north east and then stopped and hovered in formation. They remained there for about 20-30 seconds. The fourth single glowing ball of light kept travelling towards the triangle formation and then stopped and hovered beside the formation but did not join the formation. They all just hovered there for an additional 10 seconds and then the triangle began moving north east again and then blinked out. The remaining glowing orb kept moving north east and then blinked out about 10 seconds later. There was no sound. It was a clear sky with a full moon. These objects did not move like planes or flares. We could see passenger planes flying at very high altitudes in the distance and the orbs were not at all interested in the planes. They were flying much lower to the ground, maybe 200 or so feet above the ground.

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