UFO Sighting in Danville, Kentucky on July 1st 2014 – Random photo of clouds and sky just past my home over a field

I was in the yard area around my leased property and I saw a unusual looking white billowy cloud( storm cloud) so I found the colors to be interesting enough to take a photo. I took a photo but I didn’t see anything else unusual about it. The photo stayed on my phone for a month or so, today I was clearing out photos to free up space on my cellular phone. I happened to open this one -to opt to keep it or delete it and I saw some unusual -odd shapes on the photo when I tapped it and expanded it. I was so shocked- I looked your website up and submitted it for review.

I did not see these orbs or things in the sky with my naked eye- or at time of this photo. These things in the sky were not what I was aiming to capture as I never noticed them at time of taking this picture. I only just noticed them right now Aug 11 2014 at 10:30 am as I was fishing through my phone photos to free up space for new photos.

I do not give permission to share my home or mailing address,email address or phone number with any media sources. I do admit to this being my photo and it is real.

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