UFO Sighting in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin on August 10th 2014 – Observed lighted object interact with another object – Fort Atkinson, WI

In the south side of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, at approximately 10:40pm on 8/10/2014 I opened our backyard sliding glass door to allow our dogs out before bedtime. I looked North to the skyline above the wooded area behind our home and observed a red tinged circular object that appeared to be moving and interacting with a white circular star-like object that did not move. The reason they stuck out was because there were high clouds that night and a very bright super moon from the SSE and I couldn’t make out any other stars in the sky.

When I noticed the objects moving I didn’t take my eyes off of it the red tinged object was moving to and fro towards the star-like object and at this point the star-like object disappeared. I walked backwards and knocked on the door to have my wife witness this. She came out and confirmed what I was seeing. Not being the type of person to typically care about such things, I was surprised to see her also struck by what was occurring in the sky. She suggested I run and get my astronomical binoculars and she would keep her eyes on the object. Upon returning I could see that the red object had risen significantly into the sky and appeared large enough to discern white in addition to the red light.

Upon viewing the object with the binoculars I could see red and white lights in a row. I stabilized the binoculars on the top of a chair and I could clearly see red and white lights in a row around the middle of the object, perhaps 5 or 6, one after the other. At this point the object was moving quite rapidly left to right and then up and down and in just a few seconds it moved rapidly rising the right and became smaller indicating it was moving away until we couldn’t make it out with our eyes, but I could still see it with the binoculars.

When it appeared to be gone, we stood for for just moments for it to appear again to the left, just above the treeline of where it had faded just seconds before. It appeared to me to be larger and was moving more erratically almost trying to stay hidden in the treeline. At this point we could no longer see the object and continued to watch the sky for the next 10 minutes without seeing it again. I consciously thought during this time to take video or pictures with my camera phone, but did not and my only explanation is that I didn’t want to interrupt what was occurring and I knew at our vantage point they would only look like muddled lights of little value.

My wife had stated that I was out of breath during most of the event as I traversed the backyard looking for the best view. I remember repeatedly reciting expletives in the excitement. My wife seemed quite taken with what she had seen which shocked me as unexplainable events rarely interest her. I proceeded to look out the blinds of our bedroom for the next hour to see if anything would come back. I had dream about the event that night and as I report this at work today it is heavy on my mind. Truly a interesting event that we will not forget.

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