Disc-Shaped UFO Landed Near Her Family’s Home | UFO CHRONICLE – 1976

Disc-Shaped UFO Landed Near Her Family’s Home - August 1976

By Roger Marsh

     A Pennsylvania witness at Indiana recalls an event from August 1976 when a disc-shaped UFO landed near her family’s home and beings were seen on the ground, according to testimony in Case 58760 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness recounts the story in her own words.

“In the late 70′s my mother awoke to visit the restroom in the middle of the night in the top level of our home,” the reporting witness stated. “She happened to look out the window to see a UFO in our backyard, about 1.75 acres away near the woods line.

“It was a saucer-type ship with lights around the rim and she saw small beings walking at the base of the ship in front of the lights. She was frighten and ran back to bed. She had the senses that they may have sensed she was up so she bundled in her covers and faced away from the bedroom window and tried to empty her mind and feign sleep. . . .

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