Paranormal Highway of America (Part 1); The Unexplained Files episode.

ET Highway

For over 25 years I’ve been reading and researching reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other strange phenomenon happening across the US. Some I’ve been able to investigate, others only read about, but I was always looking for a pattern. Our galaxy, solar system, and planet also follows certain distinct patterns, so it’s safe to speculate strange phenomenons may follow patterns too! After personally investigating cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even alien abduction cases here in Colorado, I started to see patterns within my own investigations. After extensive research on other web sites that record many different UFO type sightings and combining it with my own investigations, I did indeed noticed a pattern. On September 15, 2011, I posted a Press Release on my, “37 Degree Latitude Theory”.


My Theory in 2011:
Researched based on my investigations and other sightings reported seem to show a linear pattern. When looking across the US on the 37 degree latitude line, I started to see very interesting things.

Updated Theory due to further research and updated Map:


The 37 Degree latitude theory was a starting point to try and understand why most cattle mutilations in Colorado occur in a particular location. In 2011 I had contacted my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer who is an investigator in Missouri, and had started looking at cattle mutes there. We saw there were not only cases of animal mutes but also UFO sightings close to the 37 degree latitude.

Since then looking at other anomalies across the USA, I noticed that 37 degree latitude appeared to be the center of the Highway with left and right lanes converging into 36 and 38 degrees, thus creating a Paranormal Highway. After continuous discussion with my sister on my underground base theory, Debbie suggested to look at caves and their general locations. The thought pattern here is, yes absolutely we have underground bases, but to take advantage of an already existing Mother Nature’s cave system would accomplish this:

  1. Ease of drilling time utilizing caves in the area.
  2. Insure base structure integrity due to millions of years of cave stabilization.
  3. Free water source due to underground streams and reservoirs.
  4. Unlimited access to other locations due to cave veins stretching out.

I noticed a few caves existed in Colorado within the 37/38 degree latitude area then noticed caves were also located within that area in Missouri which is abundant with caves. When I searched further I saw Kentucky’s Mammoth cave park is located within the 37 degree latitude also.

My 37 Degree Latitude theory matured into more of a Paranormal Highway which encompasses underground bases, military structures, caves, some sacred Native American sites, UFO crashes and other very interesting sites like Fort Knox, Area 51, and a little higher up the 38 degree latitude, the Pentagon.

Is this all related and what questions needed to be asked about specific areas?

– Is there an alien/human underground base at Dulce, New Mexico?
– Why are so many proposed UFO bases occur on this highway? Because of the caves?
– Was the Taos New Mexico humming sound underground drilling?
– Are very shallow earthquakes experienced on this latitude caused by Fracking, or drilling underground bases?
– Are the massive cave structures along this route used as underground passage ways?
– Why are some locations within this highway sacred to our Native Americans?
– Why is Fort Knox and the Pentagon located on this Highway? Are those sites also taking advantage of underground tunneling due to the use of existing caves?
–  Are Extraterrestrials taking advantage of our underground caverns and using them for their bases with entry locations across the USA?

Is there only one Paranormal Highway? Let me explain..

Just like major auto highways traversing across the US like Interstate 70 or even old Highway 66, there are multiple Paranormal Highways too! But just like our auto highways, there’s certain ones that are the most traveled. I beleive my Paranormal Highway centered on the 37 degree latitude, would be considered the most traveled out of all the other Paranormal Highways, Freeways, Turnpikes, or Interstates.

Here are some interesting areas across the USA which fall within a 36/37/38 degree latitude, “The Paranormal Highway”:

– The Pentagon, Arlington, Virgina, 38.871523,-77.055963 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Fort Knox, Kentucky, 37.909534,-85.946045 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Area 51, Nevada, 37.6150857,-115.8593802 (Famous Top Secret Military Base.)
– Joplin, Missouri, 37.090514,-94.513033 ( History of unusual lights seen called the “Spook Lights”.)
– Athens, Greece, 37.984257,23.729041, (Home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum.)
– Death Valley, California, 36.544949,-117.064819, (1947 Nevada News, 32 caves said to have remains of 8-9’ giants.)
– Owensboro, Kentucky, 37.7737,-87.111626 (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Irvington, Kentucky, 37.881967,-86.284218  (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Granada, Spain, 37.239075,-3.572314 (1976 Famous UFO sighting.)
– Aztec, New Mexico, 36.830447,-107.992227 (1948 UFO crash.)
– Dulce, New Mexico, 36.939465,-107.000368 (Proposed Human/Alien Base.)
– Taos, New Mexico, 36.414099,-105.572145 (Taos hum and possible underground base.)
– Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 37.313656,-89.518373 (1941 UFO Crash.)
– Fukushima, Japan, 37.83148,140.427246 (2011 Earthquake.)
– San Francisco, California, 37.778856,-122.419968 (The Great 1906 San Francisco quake.)
– Grand Canyon, Arizona, 36.16227,-112.118665 (Cave locations throughout.)
– Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 37.245088,-108.460574 (Native American site.)
– Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, 37.193416,-86.102312 (Natural Cavern site.)
– Zion National Park, Utah, 37.195331,-112.983398 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah, 38.32442,-109.89624 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah/Arizona, 36.998166,-110.110474 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Navajo State Park, Arboles Colorado, 37.006939,-107.430688 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Comanche National Grassland, Pritchett, Colorado, 37.186579,-102.930908 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Alabaster Caverns State Park, Freedom, Oklahoma, 36.694851,-99.157983  (Natural Cavern site.)
– Cimarron National Grassland, Elkhart, Kansas, 37.015712,-101.815796 (Native American site.)
– Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico, 36.071302,-107.969019  (Native American site.)
– Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Big Pine California, 37.182202,-118.306274 (Native American site.)
– Land’s End Labyrinth, San Francisco, California. 37.780314,-122.511642 (Unusual anomalies site.)
– Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, 38.656292,-90.059323 (Native American site.)

In Part 2, I’ll talk about the filming of; Science Channel’s “The Unexplained Files” episode, “Paranormal Highway of America”.

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