UFO Sighting in Croydon, Pennsylvania on August 9th 2014 – 11 orange orbs flying in a line, spaced evenly, which then disappeared

I was at a pub in Croydon, PA sitting outside with friends. I was sitting with my back to the building so I���m looking up Rte. 13 North towards Bristol. I notice a plane flying towards us from the Bristol area and it catches my eye because the light was orange. I start watching it a little more closely and I realize that yeah, the light really is orange and I don���t see the blinking lights that planes need to have due to FAA regulations. I figure it���s a helicopter.

As it���s coming closer I notice another light orange light following behind it, spaced out a good bit, but coming from the same direction and flying on the same flight path. Okay, I figure they���re military planes or something. So I���m watching these two lights fly our way and they seem to be going up in altitude as they get closer. They kind of hook a slight right and keep going up���and I notice a third light coming along from the same place on the horizon, on the same flight path, spaced out the same as the first two. Now I���m intrigued so I point it out to the my friends. As we���re watching, the first light seems to keep going higher���and it disappears kind of over CVS. Now there���s no cloud cover at all in the sky ��� nothing but stars, but this thing disappears. And now, another light appears on the horizon ��� light #4.

At this point I grab my camera and start taking video. I have four minutes of video of these lights coming from the same direction, spaced exactly apart, flying on the same path, and disappearing at the same spot. Two of the lights did come from a slightly different direction, seeming to come from behind Croydon Station Apartments, but they disappeared at the same place as the rest. We counted 11 of these lights by the time all was said and done.

I can honestly say I���ve never seen anything like it before. You know I love planes and watch flight patterns and such but I���ve never seen orange lights or so many craft flying in the same flight pattern. It reminded me of planes taking off from Philly International on a busy day���plane up, count to 60, plane up, count to 60, plane up���. The lights disappeared all at the same spot and in the same exact way. They didn���t go down to a pinpoint, they just kind of were there and then not there. They made no sound at all.

So, I don���t know what they were but they weren���t standard planes. We saw planes in the sky immediately after the event and they all had white headlights and the blue and red blinkers on the wings, they looked nothing like this.

I���m *really* glad I had two other people witness this with me to confirm that what I was seeing was unusual.

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