Look What I Did!!!!

Hey guys, long time no see. Haven’t posted in around a year and a half but after checking out some pictures I took the other night I had to post them on here and share with everyone.

Long story short, I still work for our shady ass government and spent a lot of last year out of the country. Now i have the privilege of living in Galveston TX for the time being. A couple of nights ago there was a crazy lightning storm here as well as a beautiful full moon. I took a ton of pics and noticed something very strange in 2 of them. Neither object was visible to the naked eye but as soon as I looked at the pictures I was slightly shocked.

Here ya go:

lewis 557.jpg

lewis 559.jpg

Now, I’m not saying “holy f”n crap UFOs son!!!”

But I’ve really enjoyed looking at these pics and speculating about their oddness. If you zoom in on the 1st pic, you can see 3 lights in each corner of the triangle. Also, the fact that it appears to be slightly translucent makes me wonder just wtf this thing was doing there.

And like I said before, neither object was visible to the naked eye, but they are there no if ands or butts….buts…tehehe

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