Roswell’s Aliens: Where Are They Now?

Roswell’s Aliens: Where Are They Now?

By Bob Orkand

     You realize, of course, that there are some among us who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that visitors from another planet (other planets?) have dropped in at Planet Earth from time to time.

Determined to resolve the issue once and for all about interplanetary and intergalactic visitors, Belinda and I journeyed in mid-June to Roswell, N.M., committed “to boldly go” (“Star Trek” split infinitive be damned!) to the locale of one of the world’s most heavily publicized UFO incidents. . . .

. . .An enormous thunderstorm rocked the J.B. Foster sheep ranch 75 miles northwest of Roswell the night of July 4, 1947, rousing ranch foreman William Ware “Mack” Brazel from sleep. Mack slept in a bunk at a shack on the ranch, with no phone, electricity or running water, while his family resided in the town of Tularosa. With the nearest neighbor 10 miles distant, Mack was certain that what he had experienced was no Independence Day fireworks; rather, he sensed he had heard something crash, perhaps an explosion in the sky. He was 48 years old and a solid, dependable citizen, according to all accounts.

The following day, he drove his truck around the hardscrabble grazing grounds, noting that his sheep were sheepishly avoiding one particular area, so he drove there first, encountering a debris field he estimated at three-fourths of a mile long and the width of three football fields. . . .

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