UFO Sighting in Auburn, Washington on August 10th 2014 – Clear night, saw pulsating red, blue, yellow,green lights

I have seen this same UFO multiple time hovering high in the sky’s above the Seattle/king county area.

I have seen it in the same location over a number of months.

I am a farmer and am up outside around 2am taking care of things.

At first I thought if was a star, so I watched it for a while and noticed it did not move, remained stationary, with lights flashing/blinking.

I have seen this same UFO multiple times, sometimes in the NW of my home, other times NE.

I was very curious the last time I saw it so I got out my 30 x 50 power binoculars, it was hard to steady them but when I focused and zoomed in I could see the different lights flashing.

It was very alarming. The object did not move.

I got tired of holding my binoculars and went into house.
I am going to see if the UFO comes back when the sky clears.

I am sure if will see it again.
The UFO is not in a flight path for Sea-Tac airport.
I will try and get a higher powered telescope when I see it next time.

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