UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on July 4th 2014 – looked like a satalite until it started to change direction like a ball bouncing off a wall

We have seen over 10 occurrences of these objects in the last 3 months in the Ottawa area. The objects speed along like satellites but then “pulse” brightly and on many occasions, change direction like a ball bouncing off a wall. there is no curve to the direction change at all and no speed loss. Sometime they appear to be moving in a general direction and other times there is a random pattern to their movement. In all cases, there is no evidence of them coming into view and no evidence of them leaving. They appear, move around while they pulse, then dispensary. There have been numerous other people who have seen these things with me including my GF and about 5 of our friends at different times.
These things are very fast at most times although they appear to be able to hover as well. On one occasion, this being the last time we saw these things (Aug, 2014), I was actually able to see the object between two pulses. It moved in a southerly direction and it curved to the southwest before pulsing one last time and disappearing. Normally, the objects can not be seen between pulses.
They can not be stars, satellites or any other man made object that I know of. The speed is far too great and the turns are impossibly too abrupt.
I am a veteran and I am a plane enthusiast. I am quite sure of what I (we) saw and that I have not misidentified terrestrial objects.

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