UFO Sighting in Sydney, New South Wales on August 10th 2014 – A ball of white light that turn at 90 degress

I was on a Delta Flight(DL16)out of Sydney to Los Angeles. The plane took off around 11.30am on the morning of August 10th 2014 and we were about one and a half hours in to the flight and it was just before lunch service came around over the South Pacific Ocean at about 28,500 feet and about 580 mph.
I was in the aisle seat and asked the lady who was in the window seat to take the video on my phone for me out of the window because it looked so peaceful out the window.I didn’t notice anything until I showed the video to a freind at work on Monday night and he said what was that and watch it again and then I saw it and felt excited. Went home and put the video on my computer and got a more detail and larger look of the object.
As soon as I saw it I thought it was a probe like the one’s that I have seen buzzing around a British Airways Concorde and 747.
It was a faint white ball of light which got brighter that can be seen coming from the left of the plane in the same direction the plane was flying and then did a 90 degress turn and then went under the plane in the video. I know the windows in the plane are double paned and the sun was high in the sky and there were reflections caused by the sun and the windows but this ball of light seems to be moving very fast and in the video I see other anomalies but they could be refections from the sun and window but the white ball of light gives me the chills in a good way.
The white light went under the plane and the plane landed in Los Angeles safely.

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