UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on March 16th 1994 – lights over Tucson, AZ.

I had just come home from the corner store and was getting out of my car. I happened to look to the north, towards the mountains and saw a bunch of lights in a paralle formation, following the mountains..i thought it was helicopters, but they didn’t act like helicoptrs. no sound, too uniform, etc.., so I called my mom out and said look at this… I told her to get in the car, and we followed and watched these lights for awhile.not a long while, I just wanted her to see them. we disregarded them , and it wasn’t until I heard about the “phoenix lights”, that I realized I have seen them myself, in 1994. I Tucson,az!!! they were headed north. I don’t know what to think, except I saw them in ’94, in Tucson.???? I was not scared or anything, just hoped it wasn’t from the airbase. I don’t think it was any flares at all… but it wasn’t just in phoenix. and my mom had cancer and I wanted her to see them, and know we are not alone… ya know what I mean? im glad she saw them.

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