Black Triangle Sighting in Fort Erie, Ontario on August 13th 2014 – Massive sized triangle UFO

I was leaving to go over to my girlfriends house around 9:30 pm when I got out to my truck I noticed a meteor flying threw the sky, I said ” cool” to myself as I drove over to her house I noticed 2 more, I was in shock as it had been a long time since I seen one but now 3 on the short drive, The sky was crystal clear every star so bright!

I arrived at her place and went into the house I told her what I just seen and said I was going back outside to see if I can see more. When I went outside her upstairs neighbour was outside having a cigaret and I had told him about the meteors! He said he had also seen a couple as we’ll, we then noticed 4 blinking fast moving objects circling around the Canada / USA boarder , we just figured that they may have been just the so called drones that fly over for boarder security as we live right on the boarder of Buffalo Ny.

With both of us looking in the sky I seen 3 big white lights coming from the NE at an amazing speed , at first I thought maybe the were fighter jets in formation but not a sound was being made! I said to the neighbour look at this , he said I see it ” when it got closer to us I noticed that this was one solid object and absolutely massive in size! To describe how low it was , the buffalo airport is about 20 km away you can see planes descending all the time into buffalo , what ever this was managed to fly under a plane landing at the time in buffalo , as it went past the boarder it went into what looked like a cloaked sort of state, where it dimmed right down but the 3 white lights where still visible it was moving at a rate I had never seen before faster then any plane before I knew it the object was heading SW and was gone with us just standing there blown away on what we just seen!

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