UFO Sighting in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on August 15th 2014 – first clock wise light with no focus from ground was observed almost after 15 minutes it got faint then it was not visible then seen 2 spots moving in straight line 2 times and more change of direction

1 I was at my friends house at roof top watching sky
2 sister of my friend pointed the strange light moving in clock wise direction 4 dots like light with no focus from ground like a tourch does
3 I thought it was some children using many tourch at night for fun because it was independence day
4 circular light four of them moving in clock wise motion alternatively 2 of them were visible while other 2 were not bright and big and later became invisible and later started moving in straight parallel line 2 times like like ::::::::::::: but no trail were left then again circular and again in line but in horizontal
Again circular and then vanished but my friend’s sister told that it is visible but very it is very light (there was a bigger light in cloud behind those lights farther from that spot that I am sure was not any kite )
5 I thought it was just kids playing with many torch but it got like 10 minutes continuous circular motion uniformly !! Still no change in direction ,speed or path
Then I thought it was due to the weather but lightning don’t form so near to ground then I thought of jetstream s but they form up high in sky
Then I tried to take photo or video but my phone (moto e) cant take photo or video in so much dark I didn’t have anything else at that time
I thought of throwing a rock at it to check if there is any solid thing in sky but it was not visible again 2 minutes I waited then I threw the rock at last seen position but the rock just went into sky(I am a javilin thrower) there is no chance that i could have missed that spot
6 it just vanished

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