UFO Sighting in Malden, Missouri on July 31st 1972 – Observed disc-like large object in road ahead. Object's lights were rotating as it dove toward ground, tilted upward and flew off.

In the summer of 1972, myself, and several of my family members briefly observed a large unidentified flying object. We were headed from our home in Sikeston, Missouri to our grandparents’ house in Campbell, Missouri. We (7 family members)were headed south on highway 25 approaching Malden, Missouri when a very large disc-shaped object was briefly observed about 150 ft. from our car. The object was shooting downward toward the ground at approx. a 45 degree angle. It stopped only feet from the ground and quickly flipped upward at an opposite 45 degree angle. The object sped upward and away as quickly as it came. The object was extremely large. Rectangular lights turned counter-clockwise, as if on a belt. Each light was a new color. It happened so quickly, I’m not sure how many lights there were. My mom, dad, myself, a few of my siblings observed this. We had very little time to react during the event, but were excited after the sighting.

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