UFO Sighting in Aliso Viejo, California on August 12th 2014 – I witnessed 2 bright orbs above my house on 2 separate occasions this week

Every night I go out into my backyard and sit in my spa to star gaze, meditate and relax. The night of my first sighting I was laying back soaking observing the clear sky and marveling over how many stars I could see when all of a sudden I observed a bright orb appear from out of nowhere. It seemed to of just dropped in from a portal in the sky then it shot east. Although it was only a matter of a split second I knew this wasn’t a shooting star, aircraft, flare or comet because it was way to close and it moved deliberately and naturally unlike anything man made. After the sighting I sat there a little long contemplating what I had just saw and grappling with the possibilities of what it could be and where it came from. I was compelled to go inside and wake my wife but I didn’t want to freighter her so I just waited until the next morning to tell her. I told my sister about my experience and she advised me to report it to you but I didn’t get around to it and just dismissed it as a coincident.

I went out to my yard the following night and had a very relaxing soak without incident or encounter but I definitely had the experience in the forefront of my mind. Then the following night I did my same routine, I went out to my yard and got in my spa and soaked for a good hour and a half, again observing the night sky, marveling at the beauty of the stars. I wasn’t really thinking about what had happened a few nights prior so it was just another pleasant evening to me but just before I started to exit the spa just around the same time I do every night (11:30), when I looked up and another bright orb traveled across the sky from left to right giving me a chance to really observe what it was. At first I thought it may have been a flare but it move unlike fireworks or a projectile and it didn’t arch either. It went straight across the sky, in clear sight, only a few hundred feet above me headed south this time, silent and it was almost angelic. Needless to say I was stunned and I again grappled with what I had just witnessed. I attempted to rationalize the incident and I called my sister immediately following, waking her up to tell her about my second sighting in less then a week. She again told me to report it to you but again I procrastinated. After waking up with this on my mind I thought it would be best to tell you my experience and allow you experts the opportunity to decipher the situation. I am open and receptive to an interview and would be glad to show anyone in your organization where I witnessed this sighting so please feel free to contact me.

Thank you

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