UFO Sighting in Blaine, Washington on August 15th 2014 – Bright sphere we had seen earlier came back over us this time from the north. Possibly 2 objects this time. Changed direction a d disappeared upwards.

Bright sphere we had seen earlier came back over us. This time it came from the north and veered off to the west. There was no sound. My husband took pics with his phone which flashed as he took the picture. Suddenly the object flashes back a single flash and the brightness of the sphere disappeared. Within a second or two I immediately saw another flash to the direct left of the object which must have been at least a half mile maybe because of the high altitude. At that time two tiny star like objects were seen and I can’t be certain but it appeared like there were some tinier star like objects springing from the second larger object that then appeared to go into the middle of that. We looked at our pictures after but nothing came up except for the shadow outline of a very large rectangle which we had noticed on one of the pictures we had taken earlier that night.

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