UFO Sighting in Nelsonville, Ohio on August 15th 2014 – saw two craft, first one hovered then went west directional after ascending. second one flew 40 sec. later same direction as first

Sitting in hot tub out back saw a hovering craft between hills and tree line. It hovered for about 1-2 minutes, ascended slightly then after about 2 minutes took off west towards hocking college quickly. Second one appeared right after went in same direction. But path was semi random. Son saw outline of disc object with a bright aura like light around it and red white and blue pulsating lights.

About 4 hours later a neighbor near hocking college reported three hovering around the horse barn and river over by the college. Same light description.

My kitchen light was flickering off and on and never has before or after since event. Me and my two kids all saw the same thing. As well as a neighbor near hocking college less than a mile away.

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