UFO Sighting in Torquay, England on July 31st 2014 – UFO over Brixham.

I was having a meal outside on the balcony of the Breakwater Bistro, Brixham in the evening. I noticed a vertical rainbow effect in the sky, so I took a photograph. I noticed a dark shape appear so I took another picture . I first thought the dark object was a small cloud, but there are no other dark clouds in the sky, and it had a strange shape. The sun was off to the right. It didn’t feel right and I joked about the cloud being a ufo to my husband. Thre object disappeared. I was watching it intermittently over around 10 mins. When I saw the photo I decided to let you have a look.
We did not draw other peoples attention to it as we were in a restaurant and hubby said it was a black cloud.

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