UFO Sighting in Elizabethtown, Illinois on August 17th 2014 – Bright silver object way below jet height moving quietly and a steady pace. At first thought it was a missile or experimental craft

Out my backdoor and were cooking there was my brother and I and 3 kids the oldest being 7yrs old. We saw a bight silver object moving across the sky and I ran in to get the binoculars and camera. It made no noise and left no trail. We got it in the sight with the binoculars and my brother and myself and the 7 yr old watched and had a good look at it. Shiny reflective silver with no markings looked more like an aircraft but too quiet and slow. It was very big. Got a pic but all you see is a dot I can’t zoom it in to see what we saw through the binoculars. Ft. Campbell flies refueling maneuvers over us and their helicopters land about a mile away from us. It moved from west to east and could see it bank to turn then went behind some low lying clouds. My brother and I used to fly all the time we are from an aviation family and it was different.

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