UFO Sighting in Istanbul, on August 16th 2014 – Looked up, seen orb directly above, took photo, went to take another and it disappeared.

I was with a friend making a photo tour in Istanbul. We were in the Sultan Ahmet area near to the blue Mosque around 3.30pm. The sky was very clear and blue.

I looked across to the mosque and then looked up and seen the object coming directly above. It seemed to be moving around the same speed as a high level airline at 30000 feet.

I pointed it out to my friend and he also could see it, we both immediately agreed it was no plane. We watched it to continue to move for around 3 seconds before I raised my camera.

I fully zoomed my 135 mm lens and got 1 picture, I didn’t have time to adjust the camera settings for maximum exposure etc but focus was sharp.

We quickly reviewed the image, I went to retake some more pictures but then the object vanished.

The object was defiantly a sphere and looked white/metallic. Upon inspection of the image a red colour is also seen.

After zooming in on the image we were not sure what it was, we thought maybe a drone but as it vanished we were not convinced either.

I will send the camera raw image and a quick cropped edit. No enhancements to either.

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