UFO Sighting in Perrysburg, Ohio on August 16th 2014 – A series of silent, bright orange lights (9 or 10) flew in succession from the SW to the NE separeted by 5 seconcds to a minute.

I was in my front yard when I say a bright orange light traveling at relatively high speed from the Southwest to the Northeast. I was followed a few seconds later by another bright orange light along the same path. There were an additional seven or eight of these lights that followed similar though not identical paths. Each light was visible for approximately ten seconds before it disappeared to the Northeast. In some cases two lights were visible at the same time. I went into my house to get binoculars and my wife followed me outside and we saw another light with the same characteristics. I observed the last orange light through the binoculars. The light appeared to be associated with a solid object. It did not have the characteristic red and green lights of an aircraft and it did not blink or pulsate. There was no sound associated with the objects. There was a thin cloud layer to Northeast at the time; the sky to the Southwest was clear. I observed conventional aircraft before and after the event and they were easily identifiable as such, both with the unaided eye and later, with the binoculars; the separation of navigation lights and the blinking of the lights were easily discerned with binoculars. The aircraft had a faint but discernable sound characteristic of jet aircraft. The conventional aircraft appeared to be at a high altitude (above 20,000 feet). The behavior and appearance of the orange lights were entirely different from the conventional aircraft. I cannot estimate the altitude of the orange lights since it would depend on their size. The were either relative low and of some size, or quite high and large; in either case, the lights were much brighter than stars or conventional aircraft.

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