Alien Encounter in Naples, Florida on August 17th 2014 – Was talking to a friend who was in the bathroom when i walked into my room to close my blinds of my window. As i closed the second one i happened to look more closely and saw about a 5ft grey being standin there that looked similar to the grel

Last night i Was talking to a friend who was in the bathroom as i decided to close the blinds in my bedroom as i began to close the second blind still in conversation with my friend i happened to take a closer look out the window and saw a grey being standing right up by the window about 5ft tall lets say i was in complete shock which made my friend come out of bathroom. I didnt wanna tell him at first due to fear of judgement which he did ask if i was serious and he didnt beleieve me.

Needless to say i am very in tune with my surroundings and have heard things around me before but ive never been face to face with an entity before. It didnt appear that my reaction even affected his posture or stance what so ever. It appeared almost robotic and i didnt get any sense of emotion of this creature very cold and calculated. Now im just more worried for my safety as i see myself as a speical person on this place that effects many people i fome into connect with an in fear of my safety. Please take this very seriously i have not told anyone besides the friend who thinks im crazy.

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