Black Triangle Sighting in Nampa, Idaho on August 13th 2014 – Driving to Nampa horse show from oregon, taking photos of chemtrailers building thunderheads. Did not see the lights in v form or…whatever that other shadow is with eye. Caught this when I looked at photos later

My self and my ranch hand were traveling from Oregon to Nampa Idaho, My ranch hand was driving. It was approximately 7:30-8 pm. There was a huge thunderhead, I was taking pictures of ther chemtrailers spraying and building the thunderhead. When I later reviewed the photos I discovered the white lights in sometimes “V” formation, and the presence of….I don’t know, that shadow that appears in conjunction with the lights. I have several other photos of “odd” things in the sky separate from this particular event. Last February, I was driving throught Nevada headed for nationals in Phoenix az, 20 miles below Tonapah NV, I was driving 75 mph, pick up truck, 4 horse living quarters big traier. A craft appeared on the left hand side of the pickup, less the 300ft away, pacing us at 75mph. All three of us saw the event. The craft had three huge yellow red circles that began pulsating in an irratic manner, the craft then rotated light side down which revealed a triangle shape, where it then shot straight up and disappeared. We was over 20 craft that evening. How did it make us feel, me excited, My companions were a bit freaked out. The craft made no noise. I know we are not alone here, just want to know if you know what these photos represent. These photos were taken through a dirty front windshield, but those are not bugs. Thank you for your time. I have more photos taken consecutively , but there is not enough room.

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