UFO Sighting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on August 14th 2014 – Four Witnesses Observe Red Orb Three Miles From Rockwell International.

The witness was backing north out of his mother’s driveway when he saw a red-orange orb to the east of his location. Traveling to the west he and his nephew, who was riding in a jeep with him, watched the object continue to the northwest at a height of about 300′. While observing, the witness who was driving, got a call from his brother. His brother and another nephew had spotted the object from the mother’s house. The object disappeared behind some trees so the witnesses in the jeep went to an open area where they thought it might have landed. When they got there the object had disappeared. The driver/main witness, estimated the speed of the object at 100 mph. The driver’s brother confirmed the speed and elevation. The observation took place about three miles from Rockwell International. The only air traffic was about five miles away. The observation lasted for about one minute. The witness has made multiple reports to Mufon of sightings around the Cedar Rapids area.

Note: The total number of witnesses(4)does not include the field investigator who filed this report.

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